Monday, March 26, 2012

'Piano For The Bedridden' & Other Swan Songs

Brain Pickings, my new favorite website and soon to be yours, recently posted a delightful compendium of 27 of history's strangest--and unsurprisingly defunct--inventions which include among them the one-wheeled motorcycle (because two was just one too many),

bike-tire water wings (because who doesn't want to look like they're wrapped in sausages while they're swimming),

and a revolver with a camera on the barrel that takes a photo every time you pull the trigger (a terrifying idea that someone should immediately parlay into a screenplay).

While most of these doodads certainly no one was all that sorry to see come and go, I can't help but wish for my very own piano for the bedridden which allows one to plunk out Fleur de Lis without even sitting up. I also call dibs on the name "Piano For The Bedridden" for my purely theoretical band.


Anonymous said...

Plagiarism ! Baterz started "The Bedridden" band in 1989 ...check it out on Google!

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